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Global Trading Program


Learn everything about the markets. ​


This is our most extensive course for those who are serious about trading.

The Global Trading Program (GTP) is unique of a kind. It is a program that is really focused on practice (repetition and performance) and psychology (skills and attitudes).


In the course of this program, I will hold you by the hand throughout the duration of the course; And I will make sure that you have developed the skills and reflexes that will make you an excellent trader and investor. It is an intensive 3-month course and Practice Program (1-month course and 2 months of practice), and 1-month-free personalized follow-up, where I will make sure that you are ready to work any type of markets.


The GTP contains:


  • Introduction to the world of trading (generic eBook and global trading eBook)


  • A theoretical technical analysis which contains:

    • The study of Japanese candlesticks by the price movement.

    • The study of price action in a trading day.

    • The study of patterns and technical configurations on prices.

    • The appropriate method of choosing mobile averages according to the market and the time frame.

    • The study of the most reliable and most used technical indicators on the stock exchange and their effective uses.

    • The synthesis of theoretical technical analysis by the apprehension of the technical tools on the movement of prices.



Fundamental analysis which contains:


  • Knowledge and control of the meaning of the market.

  • Know how to deal with news, economic figures, and macroeconomic indicators.

  • General knowledge of geopolitics applied to the financial markets.

  • Trader Psychology, Market psychology (emotions, character trait, fear, euphoria).


Risk Management with:


  • Capital Management through market exposure.

  • Moments to use the leverage effect.

  • Control of the '' compounding Effect '' or the composite profit strategy.

  • Management of positions (Buy and sell).

  • Global equity investment strategy (ETF, Index and Action, Forex, commodities, for the long term.)


Then, with regard to the training component, you will have a range of services including training, personalized access to:


  • A bonus (Service of your choice).

  • Personalized follow-up on each of you with the support of tips and tricks to improve and reach your true level.

  • A follow-up of the assets of your choice throughout the week in question.

  • Explanatory and informative videos with free content.

  • alerts and signals from my positions I will take, out of training.

  • A private group by Skype or Facebook depending on your suitability where analysis, signals, and Trading ideas will be shared

  • A weekly (each week) view of the market and the key products to be traded during the week in question